About us

Om mani padme hum

True Tibetan Store is committed to supporting the rapidly vanishing institution of small, traditional, and often family-based artisans in Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, and India. In our travels to Tibet, Nepal, and India, we have been saddened to learn about the great number of local artisans who have been enticed to neighboring countries to teach their traditional skills and expertise to corporations. Such corporations are engaged in the mass production of Tibetan Buddhist art and ritual-objects in hopes of profiting from the growing market for these traditional goods. We continue our support of the artisan even as increasing pressure from rapid globalization erodes the sustainability of such businesses. With your support, patience, and goodwill, True Tibetan Store has been able to stay in business while keeping our prices low.

Our True Tibetan Store has three warehouses located in Tibet, Nepal, and Thailand.