Tibetan Prayer Flag

Tourists went to Tibet would be deeply impressed by large quantities of prayer flags here and there. The prayer flag is one of the most symbolic marks of Tibetan Buddhism. The local Tibetans believe that the prayer flags could help them to pray for peace and happiness, as well as spread a sense of goodwill.

Actually, these prayer flags are not only a piece of cloth; they are printed with Buddhism scriptures, Tibetan incantations, figures of Buddha and some auspicious images. In a word, the prayer flags carry the Tibetans’ respect to the Buddhism and their expectation for happiness.

Most of the Tibetan prayer flags are made of cloth and the others are made of flax, silk or handmade paper. The prayer flags have five colors and it is widely accepted that they represent the space, air, fire, water, and earth respectively. There is also another explanation for the colors: the white, yellow, red, green and blue. The white represents pureness and kindness; the red represents boom and prowess; the green represents softness and gentleness; the yellow represents mercy and talent; the blue represents braveness and intelligence.

Generally, the Tibetan prayer flags are hung outside since it means wind and horse in Tibetan. You could see prayer flags anywhere in Tibet. Some of them are hung on the top of the mountains and their roofs. There are also prayer flags on the grassland or river valley.

Tibetans would like to hang some new prayer flags on some important days, such as the Tibetan New Year or some important Tibetan festivals. Prayer flags had been special and beautiful scenery of Tibet.

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