Tibetan Prayer Wheel

Prayer wheel has been one of the most symbolic things in Tibet with a Buddhism-based civilization. Tourists could see people with a prayer wheel in the hand frequently due to most of the Tibetans are religious Buddhism followers. A lot of tourists would like to buy a prayer wheel as a souvenir for their lifetime Tibet tour.

The prayer wheel is a cylindrical wheel with a metal or wooden handle. The religious Tibetan people would put the Buddhism scriptures in the wheel and circle it. It is said that rotate the prayer wheel a circle means to repeat the Buddhism scriptures in the wheel.

Tibetan prayer wheel is thought to be a device which could spread spiritual blessings. Rolls of thin papers printed with Buddhism scriptures would be put into the wheel. The religious Tibetans would spin them around and around so as to pray for spiritual peace and happiness.

The prayer wheel is called Mani Wheel by Tibetan people. The earliest record of the prayer wheel could be dated back to 400 AD. It is recorded that the prayer wheel was originated from a phrase “turn the wheel of the dharma” during that period. Mani wheel could be found all over Tibet. Most Tibetans have a hand-held prayer wheel. They used to carry their prayer wheel with them and spin them around whenever they have a hand free. It is why tourists could see pilgrims with prayer wheels on the long and difficult pilgrimages.

Though there are various special Tibetan style handicrafts in Tibet, a lot of tourists would like to buy Tibetan prayer wheel for themselves, their family members and friends as a Tibet tour souvenir. There are various types of prayer wheels and you could choose up to your preference. Then you could spin them clockwise for blessing after you back to your hometown.

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